Garrett Costanzo Photo An Introduction into Landscape
Biography: A native to Cleveland, OH, Garrett moved to Utah in the spring of 2009 to further peruse his education, and explore his passion for photography. Graduating from the Art Institute of Salt Lake City with his BS in Digital Photography, Garrett is an aspiring landscape photographer. Shooting mostly around Salt Lake, using locations like the Great Salt Lake and the Wasatch Mountain range, Garrett has spent his time in Utah focusing his work around the state's natural beauty, and worked to hone and craft his personal style. When shooting, Garrett strives to capture grand scenes full of color, light, mood, and emotion. Dynamic compositions, strong foregrounds, an equal balance of light and tones, and encompassing a sense of depth are all factors he considers when making an image. Artist Statement: "Isolated in a natural scene is where I feel most comfortable. Where my creative vision feels strongest. Landscape photography is my greatest passion. Something about standing before a wide-open vista, golden hour, the sky is painted with clouds. As the sun begins it’s rise or decent the colors begin their display. Vivid, bold, saturated colors. With other forms of photography and art, I’m creating. However, with landscape photography, I’m finding. Being out exploring the parts of our planet man has yet to destroy. Searching for new things, new places. For me, there is nothing more exciting and mysterious than the art of landscape photography. It’s adventurous and unpredictable. With my work I aim to grab attention to the beauty of our planet, and hope my work may lead to some conservation of such natural places."





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